Our Vision

What we are…

Hilltop Preschool is a Five Star best-practice preschool actively changing the lives of 4 and 5-year olds in the Hilltop neighborhood on Columbus’ west side. And Five Stars is the highest rating given by Step Up to Quality, Ohio’s Departments of Education and Job & Family Services quality rating system.

How do we change lives? We work to create opportunities for the lifelong success of every Hilltop Preschooler.

All research confirms that the earlier you can intervene in a child’s life, the more you can affect the trajectory of that child’s future. Hilltop Preschool gives children the social experiences and educational tools to be successful in school, to empower change, and to encourage positive life skills. Plus we provide critical developmental, social, emotional, and physical assessments for every child, along with intervention referrals as needed.

Why we are…

Over a decade ago, Hilltop Preschool’s founder, Jane Leach, was the new principal of Columbus City School’s Highland Elementary in the Hilltop community. From her first day she saw how far her Kindergarteners were from required standards. She knew all research proved that the earlier educational and social development could intervene in a child’s life, the greater the potential for their future success. But she soon learned there were very few options for youngsters to attend preschool in the Hilltop, where there was only one slot for every four children. Something had to be done.

That something was Hilltop Preschool.

In September 2009, with the help and support of many, many people and organizations, we opened doors of Hilltop Preschool with the vision to provide educational and social opportunities for our children to experience success, knowing that those opportunities will change their outlook and their future.

Our first decade has truly been a roller coaster of faith, perseverance and achievement, highlighted by the growth of our remarkable students. As a 501c3 we are grateful for every moment, and confident in God’s continued blessings through corporate and government supporters and the individual donors who contribute to our children and their future.

We are students, families, staff, board, partners, and contributors who believe in the potential of all children and their right to achieve that potential.

We are, and will continue to be, Where Futures Soar.

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